Sound Source, Sparkers


The Dura-Spark has been designed to provide a stable, repeatable sound source for sub-bottom geophysical surveys. The long life, durable electrodes produce a consistent pulse signature and keep operational maintenance to a minimum. This provides increased survey efficiency and equipment reliability as the sparker tips rarely need replacement.

The Dura-Spark is based on the CAT300 catamaran, providing a stable platform whilst under tow. The catamaran has robust solid floatation and is easily deployed from all survey vessels.

The Dura-Spark consists of 3 arrays or 5 arrays of 80 tips allowing the operator to tune the source from the vessel to its application. This flexibility, together with selectable source depth, allows the sound source to be used in both shallow and deep waters.

The typical operational bandwidth of the Dura-Spark is 300Hz to 1.2kHz. When coupled with the CSP-N Seismic Power Supply the system offers 2000J/s peak discharge rate, as well as industry leading design and safety standards.

Key Features

  • Long life, durable electrodes
  • Pulse stability
  • High resolution sub-bottom data, up to 25cm.
  • Operator selectable source depth
  • Tip array selection from on board junction box

Delta Sparker

forty eightThe Delta Sparker is currently the most powerful sparker available in the range and is intended for deeper penetration sub-bottom profiling. Stable under tow, the frame is buoyed and is easily deployed. The design incorporates a simple adjustment for optimum array depth, to achieve the best possible pulse shape.

As a multi-tip sparker arrary, the Delta can also be used in UHR multi-channel seismic surveys utilising 24 or 48 channel streamers such as during geohazard assessment, construction projects or shallow target 2D exploration.

To make transportation easier, the frame of the Delta Sparker can be split into two shorter lengths.


Delta SparkerKey Features

  • 1000 – 12,000 Joule Sparker compatible with the CSP-D2400 and CSP-S energy sources (and older CSP designs)
  • 2.5 metre triangular tow frame, supplied with buoys
  • Facility to adjust tow depth
  • Modular construction
  • Replaceable electrodes for easy field maintenance