Deep Tow Sparker DTS-500

Deep Tow Sparker

The DTS-500 is a deep tow high resolution sub-bottom profiler, designed to operate with industry standard coaxial tow cables up to 2000m. The DC power, communications and analogue seismic data are multiplexed to the surface console. The wide dynamic range of the link, coupled with the high frequency sound source, provide high resolution sub-bottom data which can be easily interfaced to industry standard data loggers. The system is controlled and monitored using the onboard Surface Console and can be triggered externally or run internally. The Surface Console has an integrated LCD display, indicators and a tow cable leakage monitor for online QC and safety.

The DTS Towfish is a solid state instrument with a 500 Joule per second charge rate which allows a typical repetition rate of 150 Joule at 3Hz.DTS-500 Majorca_1 Utilising the integrated high resolution depth sensor, the system compensates for the vertical movement of the Towfish. Its orientation is monitored using the internal AHRS sensor. The DTS-500 has a number of electrical and mechanical interlock systems designed to provide operational safety together with system safety.DTS500b

The DTS-500 system utilises reverse polarity providing long life sparker tips. This minimises operational downtime maintenance and significantly increases sound pulse repeatability.