1439 Blowfish Transponder

1439 Blowfish

The type 1439 Blowfish Transponder is a combined positioning transponder and triggering device, designed for use by operators such as subsea UXO disposal organisations and salvage specialists.
Providing the twin functions of confirming safe distance from a target and receiving and acting upon a specified acoustic signal, the Blowfish can be used as a remote trigger in many applications including to actuate a hydraulic valve or inflate a lift bag.
Whilst functionality with most AAE equipment is possible, exclusive ‘Sole User Codes’ (SUC) are available, securing a specific channel and thereby prohibiting actuation from a secondary source

Key Features

  • Secure digital spread spectrum signally for remote switching
  • 7200 channel IDs
  • 1000m water depth operation
  • Robust and lightweight


  • Secure remote actuation
  • Metocean equipment positioning
  • Ocean Bottom Seismic (OBS) equipment positioning and recovery